What We Do

We Are Contrarians

As Long as We Move in the Same Direction Nothing Changes

Looking Outward Challenges Traditional Thinking

We See Success Differently

"At Quest, we never wanted to be all things to all people; we just want to be the best in what we do”. Lisa Stupen, Owner/President. As Recruitment Specialists, we work with proven search techniques, an extensive database of job seekers and an even larger network of contacts, all in accounting and finance. We are focused, we are disciplined. And we are results driven in every search we undertake.

We do considerable work before a client gets to meet a candidate. Besides reviewing the job qualifications with the client, we get to know a lot about the company to ensure a perfect fit. Our thorough knowledge of the marketplace also enables us to advise clients and job seekers of their options based on current market conditions.

We work with some amazing clients that operate incredible businesses. In talking with these clients, they tell us that they appreciate the personalized approach of working with a smaller recruiting company like Quest Search Group. They appreciate the superior service that they receive and the outstanding choice of candidates that are presented to them. We understand that and recognize the significant advantage that we have in the marketplace. After all, service and results is what recruitment is all about.